November 26, 2010

Three charged with stealing copper wire

Summerland Key – Three people were arrested on Summerland Key Thursday, charged with stealing copper wire.

The crime occurred on property which is an old Shrimp Farm on Summerland Key. The manager of the property called the Sheriff’s Office at 3 p.m. to report there were people on the property who didn’t belong there.

When Deputies Jon Riggs and Dave Chavka arrived, they heard banging coming from one of the buildings on the property. Further investigation led to the arrest of three people caught removing copper wire from the site.

The deputies found 27 year old Yoel Alfonso of Stock Island, 28 year old Kenia Bosque and 33 year old Jose Hidalgo, both of Miami. Alfonso admitted the three of them were there to take copper wire. There were tools at the scene and a bundle of wire, along with a bucket half full of stripped wire.

All three were booked into jail on charges of burglary and theft.

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