February 14, 2011

Man arrested for threats with a knife

Key Largo – A Key Largo man is in jail after he threatened his girlfriend with several weapons, wishing her a “Happy bloody Valentine’s Day.”

Deputy Sever Hustad and Sgt. Derek Paul responded to an apartment on Ocean Way in Key Largo at 3:20 p.m. Sunday for a domestic dispute. They spoke with the 50 year old victim. She said her boyfriend, 33 year old Nathan Hemby, had been threatening her over the past few days with a knife, a box cutter and a screwdriver. She said he held his hand over her mouth, held the knife to her throat and told her he was going to cut off her head and “grind up her body to sell for meat.” She said he keeps two leather belts hanging on the wall of their apartment, which he threatens to choke her with. She said he took a pair of her underwear and told her he was going to “add it to his collection of the other girls he had to do this to.”

She said she finally locked herself in the bathroom and called 911 for help. Hemby was on the scene and was taken into custody. Deputies found the underwear he took from her tucked in the back of his shorts. The leather belts she described were hanging from the walls and the three weapons were all out in the open in the apartment.

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