March 18, 2011

In2WORK Program leads inmates to new jobs

In the photo: Two new graduates of the In2WORK Program at the Stock Island Detention Center show off their Safe Serve Certificates. Left to right, Urick Grant, Michael Jarrett, Food Service Director Dylan Cox and Sheriff Bob Peryam.

The program provides food service instruction for inmates at the jail. They can continue to use the skills they are taught when they are released, to obtain work in the food service industry.

The Safe Serve certificates are required for food handlers throughout the state of Florida and having one gives them a leg up on other job applicants because it saves companies from having to provide the training themselves.

So far, six people have graduated from the program, which is run by Aramark Food Services, and their food service manager, Dylan Cox.

Graduates of this program can then move into the Sheriff’s Work Release program, which helps inmates find jobs while they are in jail so they can continue to work upon their release.

This program, and others intended to help reduce jail recidivism, are an important part of Sheriff Bob Peryam’s long term goals for the Sheriff’s Office.

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