March 6, 2011

Key Largo man arrested for burglary

A Key Largo man is under arrest, charged with burglarizing a home and a boat. Detectives say a palm print lifted from a toilet seat during their investigation led to his arrest.

On October 9th, Deputy Ian Barnett and Sgt. Lee Cowart responded to a home on Buttonwood Avenue. The owner, who had been away for several weeks, had returned to find his home and his boat burglarized. The suspect had entered the home through a bathroom window, and had left a palm print on the toilet seat. That palm print was lifted by responding Detective Jason Madnick.

Once inside, the suspect took a television, several DVD players, a 12 pack of beer, some DVDs and a GPS. The suspect also burglarized the victim’s boat, taking several pieces of electronics equipment.

A canvas of the area did not turn up any of the stolen items, but one neighbor had a man staying in a back shed on their property. He was identified as 46 year old Robert Johnson.

The palm print was sent to Florida Department of Law Enforcement for processing and on March 3rd, FDLE identified the print as belonging to Johnson. On March 4th, a warrant was issued for his arrest for two counts each of burglary and grand theft. He was arrested the same day and was booked into jail. Bond on the warrant is set at $30,000.00.

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  1. so it takes 5 months to get a print back? That doesn't make any sense. How about if he would've committed a more dangerous crime?