March 2, 2011

A note about human bones found in October in Marathon:

According to the Monroe County Medical Examiner's Office, bones found on property at 92nd Street in Marathon last October were sent off to a laboratory for dating. Results were recently returned and the bones turned out to be from 200 - 400 B.C. Remember: after investigation, it was determined the bones most likely were brought in to the Keys years ago as part of some fill from an unknown location elsewhere in Florida. The bones will now be turned over to an archeological foundation for further study.


  1. Radio-carbon dating is very unreliable. I would venture that your first guess of 75 years is probably closer to the truth.

  2. That Was My Private property ! Should not those Bones be returned to the property owner ?
    I believe since they have no longer of interest to the sheriff investigation they should have contacted the owner of the property and returned to the sole owner of the property.

    Jon Stensloff
    owner of said property