March 7, 2011

One traffic related arrest leads to another

Marathon – The arrest of a Miami man for driving with a suspended license and drug charges led to the arrest of a second Miami man who came to the Keys to pick him up from the Marathon Detention Center.

20 year old Richard Greene Honore of Miami was stopped on his motorcycle by Sgt. Susan Keene after calls to Sheriff’s dispatch reported he was driving recklessly. He was pulled over at 5:30 p.m. Sunday at the 57 mile marker. He told Sgt. Keene he and his 17 year old girlfriend were on their way to Key West for the night.

A check on his license revealed it was suspended, and he had no motorcycle endorsement. A partially consumed bottle of vodka was found in his backpack and 24 grams of marijuana were found under the locked seat of the vehicle, and in the backpack. Sgt. Joel Slough responded and took over the call because Sgt. Keene was going off duty. Greene Honore was arrested for operating a motorcycle without a license, driving with license suspended, possession alcohol by a person under the age of 21 and possession of a felony amount of marijuana. The parents of the 17 year old girl were called to pick her up.

Several hours later, Deputy Chuck Kellenberger responded to the Marathon jail after he received information that a man waiting outside the jail to pick up Greene Honore had a suspended driver’s license. He met with 22 year old Alberto Ruiz-Benitez of Miami. He was driving a 1992 Honda Prelude. The license plate on the car returned to a 1999 Chevrolet; the plate was expired in 2008 and had a stolen decal on the plate as well. The vehicle was not registered. A check on Ruiz-Benitez revealed he had a suspended driver’s license.

Ruiz-Benitez was arrested. He was charged with driving with license suspended, having a license expired more than four months, failing to register the vehicle, attaching a license not assigned to a vehicle and attaching a tag not assigned to a vehicle.

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