March 22, 2011

Sheriff saves big with recycling

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office saved big on its efforts to recycle over the past year and a half. Big savings in tax dollars, and big savings for the environment.

According to information provided by Waste Management, the Sheriff’s Office recycled 63 tons of material, including paper, cardboard, plastics and metals. Recycling that material saved the agency more than $10,000.00 over the year and a half time period.

In addition, the Sheriff’s Office has a recycling program for electronics. Since September, 22,823 pounds of electronics have been recycled through Intercon Solutions, an Illinois company specializing in computer and electronics recycling.

“We are proud of our recycling program, not just for the money it saves, but because it shows how concerned we are about the environment,” said Sheriff Bob Peryam. “Our employees are all making the effort to recycle everything they use during their work days, including office paper, boxes, aluminum cans and plastic bottles. It is truly making a difference,” he said.

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