March 2, 2011

Teen arrested in November for burglary charged with two more

Sugarloaf Key – An 18 year old arrested for burglary in November after detectives found a computer at the burglarized residence logged in to his MySpace page has been charged with two more burglaries in that area.

18 year old Robert Rupp was originally arrested November 7th, 2010 for a break in on South Point Drive, Sugarloaf Key. Shortly after his arrest, two more burglaries were discovered in the same vicinity – one on East Point Drive and one on Cypress Road.

Detectives investigating those crimes discovered that at each of the burglarized homes, items that did not belong there were found. For instance, a 32 inch television stolen from the house on East Point Drive was found in the house on South Point Drive; a computer stolen from the house on Cypress Road was found in the same house on South Point Drive. A canvas bag and a red carabiner found in the house on East Point Drive were identified as coming from the house on Cypress Drive. In addition, a torch, screw drivers and a folding knife taken from East Point Drive were found behind a couch on South Point Drive.

Email on Rupp’s MySpace page revealed he’d been attempting to sell the 32 inch television. Fingerprints found at East Point Drive, on the sliding glass door, and on the stolen/recovered 32 inch television were identified as Rupp’s.

On Tuesday, he was additionally charged with the burglaries on East Point Drive and on Cypress Road. He is currently in the Monroe County Detention Center.

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