March 19, 2011

Traffic stop leads to drug arrest

Marathon – A traffic stop for driving without headlights resulted in the arrest of a Marathon man for possessing crack cocaine.

Deputy Paul Bean was on patrol at 9:15 p.m. Friday when he saw the white Dodge Charger southbound on 55th Street in Marathon with no headlights. He turned on his lights and siren to pull it over. The Charger continued traveling for a time before pulling over in the parking lot of the Hurricane Bar and Grill.

Because of the length of time it took for the car to pull over, the deputy suspected the driver might have been trying to hide something illegal. He called for backup, and for a nearby K-9 team to respond to the scene.

The driver was identified as 30 year old Randy Jones. A check on his license revealed it was suspended. The passenger was identified as 29 year old Charles Hayes. Both men appeared to be nervous as they spoke with officers.

When the K-9 team checked the outside of the vehicle, the dog alerted indicating the presence of drugs inside. Two crack cocaine rocks were subsequently found on the passenger’s seat. At that point, Jones was issued citations for driving with license suspended and driving with no headlights and he was released. Hayes was arrested in connection with the cocaine.

Hayes was transported to jail where he was searched prior to being booked into the facility. Two more plastic bags of crack cocaine were found in his possession; one in his shoe, and one hidden between his legs. The two bags contained a total of 7 grams of crack cocaine.

Hayes was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to sell and with introduction of contraband to a corrections facility.

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