April 6, 2011

18 year old charged with burglaries

Colonel Rick Ramsay and Detectives Juan Llera and John Underwood
take a look at property recovered from Tomita's room.
Key Haven – Detectives arrested an 18 year old after a search of his parent’s Key Haven home turned up a large amount of property believed to have been stolen in multiple vehicle and residential burglaries in the lower Keys.

Ryan Tomita became a suspect after two vehicles were burglarized on Cudjoe Key between the night of March 16th and the morning of the 17th. Two Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents – a husband and wife – discovered their two Department of Homeland Security vehicles had been burglarized. Taken from one: a badge, gun belt, handcuffs, expandable baton, pepper spray, bullet proof vest and a wallet. Taken from the other: a digital camera.

Detective Diane Mimosa, the lead investigator on the case, discovered a credit card from the wallet was used on line in the early morning hours of the 17th. The person using the card used a fictitious email address. A subpoena to PayPal for information about that transaction led to Comcast; a subpoena to Comcast led to an address on Azalea Drive in Key Haven where Tomida lives with his parents. Checking Tomita’s Facebook page, Detective Mimosa found a comment posted by him in the early morning hours of March 17th: “If you ask me Ima tell you crime pays.” When confronted with this evidence, Tomita admitted he would drive his car to various locations; he said he would get out of the car and walk up and down streets, burglarizing unlocked vehicles, including the DHS vehicles on Cudjoe Key. He said he also used a screw driver and a crow bar to break into homes where he took flat screen television sets.

Detectives Llera and Underwood, holding ski masks also found
in Tomita's room.
On April 5th, a search warrant was served at the Azalea Drive home where Tomita lives. In Tomita’s room, detectives found a large stash of what they believe to be stolen property, including all the law enforcement equipment stolen from the ICE agents on Cudjoe Key. Several guns, a large number of global position satellite receivers, cameras, jewelry and flat screen televisions were recovered and detectives will be working over the next few days to try and identify where the property came from. One of the handguns – a Taurus .44 Magnum handgun – was stolen from a vehicle parked on Whistling Duck Lane on Stock Island between 3/17 – 3/18. Tomita admitted to committing that crime as well.

During the search, detectives also found two knit ski caps with holes cut for the eyes; they found marijuana plants, seeds and dried marijuana as well.

Tomita is charged with three counts of vehicle burglary, theft, theft of law enforcement equipment from an emergency vehicle, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. More charges are expected as the investigation continues.

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