April 9, 2011

Alert citizens lead to burglary arrest on Big Pine Key

Big Pine Key – Deputies arrested a homeless man Friday for burglary after he was seen exiting a home on Avenue C, Big Pine Key by a woman who works next door.

The woman told deputies she saw 49 year old Waldermar Yanez coming out of the house on Avenue C at 11:30 a.m. carrying a pillow case with items inside of it. She said she yelled at him and he began running, so she followed him in her car. Several more witnesses in the area joined in the chase; one of them knew the suspect, and called Deputy Dave Chavka to tell him what was happening.

Deputy Chavka called for backup, and then headed for the area of 24th Street, where he knew Yanez had a camp in a wooded area. When he arrived, two more witnesses pointed toward the woods, saying Yanez had just gone that way.

Deputy Chavka found Yanez’ bicycle, then found him a short distance away breathing hard as if he’d been running. He was identified by the original witness as the man she saw leaving the house on Avenue C.

The homeowner was notified and responded from marathon. A window was found broken, and a glass jug of quarters was at the bottom of the stairs. Inside, an Xbox 360 had been taken along with a brown pillowcase and someone had obviously gone through the house, opening closets and looking around.

Yanez was charged with burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief and he was taken to jail.

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