May 15, 2011

Auto theft, cocaine lands teen in jail

Key Largo –A 19 year old Tavernier teen is  in jail charged with stealing his mother’s car and possessing cocaine.

Dispatchers received reports at 1 a.m. Saturday of a white colored sport utility vehicle driving recklessly. Sgt. E.B. Askins spotted it southbound at the 106 mile marker of the highway and pulled in behind it. He pulled the SUV over when he saw it following another car too closely and identified the driver as 19 year old Zachary Aleksa. He had a male passenger and his two year old sister in the back seat, in a car seat.

Aleksa said he’d just picked up his passenger in Homestead; a check in Sheriff’s Office computers revealed he was on probation; a condition of his probation is he not leave the county without permission.

A short time later, Aleksa’s mother told Sheriff’s dispatchers she was looking for her daughter, and her son and had no idea he’d taken her car and driven to Homestead. She said Aleksa was supposed to be watching the child.

The mother responded to the scene of the traffic stop. When she took her daughter out of her car seat, a plastic bag containing three grams of cocaine fell out of the car seat. Aleksa later admitted to hiding it there because he thought police would not look in the car seat.

Aleksa was arrested. He was charged with grand theft auto, possession of cocaine and violation of his probation.

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