May 6, 2011

Big Pine Kid's Fishing Tournament

On Sunday members of the Sheriffs Office participated in the Annual Big Pine Kids Fishing Tournament at the Old Wooden Bridge on No Name Key.

Dep. Linda Kohout was inspirational in garnering donations from the community and assisted with coordinating efforts from volunteers. MCSO Bomb and SWAT team members provided a static display along with showcasing the Sheriffs new bomb robot. Thanks to Sgt Bobby Randolph, Deputies Chris Fraser and Trevor Wirth  for their contribution and time.

Communications Officer Lynn Faircloth was our official photographer for the event and captured the kids with their catch and prizes.

Sgt. Charlene Sprinkle-Huff volunteered with traffic control and assisted the kids while receiving their Junior Deputy pins and prizes.

And thanks to everyone else who turned out and helped make it a great day for the kids!

The weather agreed with us, the kids had a great time, the parents were very thankful .  Thanks to all you help to make this a successful event. 

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