May 26, 2011

CART Exercise a success

Local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies in Monroe County worked together today on a Child Abduction Response Team exercise in the Lower Keys. The exercise is designed to bring agencies and their resources together to practice responding to a child abduction scenario.
The first hours of a child abduction are crucial, and it is extremely important for law enforcement to respond quickly, and to bring all their resources to bear as soon as possible after the abduction occurs. By practicing the response to a child abduction, all the agencies involved make sure they know one another, and make sure they know what is expected from them in a real event.
During today’s exercise, the scenario involved a child abducted as he walked to his bus stop on College Road, Stock Island. Following leads, officers soon responded to a the Hickory House Restaurant (now closed) and apprehended one of two suspects who abducted the child. Subsequent investigation led officers to the nature walk area adjacent to 1800 Atlantic Condominiums. The second suspect, and the child he abducted, were found near the beach area. The suspect was apprehended and the child recovered safely.
Deserving special mention in this event: Sheriff’s Detective Manny Cuervo, Sheriff’s Detective Sergeant Linda Mixon and Florida Department of Law Enforcement Agent Jeff Hutcheon, all of whom worked extremely hard to plan and pull together all the resources necessary to make this a success.
Photos and videos of this exercise can be viewed at :

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