May 10, 2011

Miami man charged with fleeing from deputies

A Miami man is under arrest for fleeing from deputies on his motorcycle Monday night.

Deputy Gregg Johnson spotted the motorcycle northbound at the 82 mile marker at a high rate of speed at 8 p.m. He issued a notice to be on the lookout for the vehicle over police radios after the motorcycle refused to stop for his lights and siren, and then passed several vehicles in the center turn lane.

Deputy Nelson Sanchez spotted the bike, seeing it turn around at Coral Shores High School, heading back southbound on the old highway. The motorcycle driver refused to stop for Deputy Sanchez, and also for Deputy Johnson when he caught up with it on the old highway as well.

The motorcycle was able to evade deputies, but Deputy Johnson got a detailed description of the vehicle, and the driver who was wearing a black, red and white helmet.

A short time later, someone called Sheriff’s dispatchers to report a motorcycle pulling in to Founder’s Park recklessly, at a high rate of speed. When deputies responded, the found the same motorcycle and driver who had eluded them earlier. Although the driver, 22 year old Eric Barros of Miami, at first denied fleeing from officers, he finally admitted it. He was booked into jail on charges of fleeing and eluding police. He also received a citation for speeding.

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