May 4, 2011

Murder – suicide on Little Torch Key

Detective Manny Cuervo and Detective Sgt. Linda Mixon confer
in front of the house on Tortuga Road, Little Torch Key where
an elderly man is believed to have killed his wife and then himself today.
Update, 3 p.m.: Deceased are identified as 80 year old Glen Tucker and his wife, 77 year old Joan Tucker.

Little Torch Key – Deputies and detectives are on the scene of what appears to be the murder-suicide of an elderly couple on Little Torch Key.

Dispatchers received reports from a neighbor shortly after noon that he heard shots fired at the house on Tortuga Road. The neighbor reported seeing a woman in the downstairs of the house. She was in a wheelchair and the caller said it appeared she’d been shot. He also reported hearing several more gun shots after that.

Deputies responded. Because they suspected there might be  an armed subject inside, they kept a distance from the house and began calling for support, including the Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad which has a robot which can be used to send into a dwelling to safely assess the situation. Several Special Weapons and Tactics Team members were on duty at the time of the incident. Because they have specialized equipment which allows them to more safely deal with armed subjects, they responded in case they were needed as well.

Shortly after 1 p.m., the robot was sent inside followed shortly by the SWAT team members. They found the elderly man deceased in an upstairs bedroom along with a cat which had also been shot. It appears at this point that he shot his wife downstairs, went upstairs and shot his cat, then shot himself. At this point in time, the motive for the killings is unknown.

Detectives from the Special Operations Division are working to confirm the identity of the two deceased people and to notify family members. As those things are done, the names of the deceased will be released to the public.

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