July 28, 2011

Deputies ride Yamaha Waverunners during sport lobster season

Law Enforcement Chief Lou Caputo was on patrol along with other Sheriff's deputies during the two day sport lobster season this week. Here he is on a Yamaha Waverunner, checking lobster on a boat offshore of Key Largo. The Sheriff’s Office has the use of four such Waverunners on a special Law Enforcement Loaner program from Riva South Motorsports in Key Largo. They are used for water patrols like this one, and also for patrolling the many shorelines and canals in the Keys. The Sheriff’s Office also has a number of boats that can be used for special events, and for particularly busy holiday weekends. The cities of Marathon and Islamorada have dedicated boat patrols from the Sheriff’s Office included in their law enforcement contracts with the agency.

Although the two day sport season started off with a dive related death Wednesday, the rest of the two day season has, so far, been relatively quiet and without any major criminal activity related to the season.

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