July 25, 2011

Detectives say shooting victims stable; release their identities

Key Largo – Major Crimes Detectives finally had the opportunity today to speak with the two people shot Friday night at a Key Largo trailer park.

21 year old Dayanis Gonzalez of Key Largo and 45 year old Braul Hernandez-Diaz of Islamorada are both still at the Ryder Trauma Center in Miami. They are in stable condition. Gonzalez was shot in the left shoulder and Hernandez-Diaz was shot in the abdomen and his left middle finger was also severely injured.
Gonzalez told detectives she moved to the trailer park, to Lot 4, just two weeks before the shooting took place. She previously lived in Islamorada. She said the suspect, 65 year old Rogelio Cordova Sanchez, lived three lots down from her. She said he was very friendly toward her, on occasion making her uncomfortable with his attentions. She said he frequently drank alcohol and would become more “sexual” in his remarks to her when he was under the influence.
She said her friend, Hernandez-Diaz, was over Friday to visit. While he was there, Sanchez knocked on the door. She said she told him it wasn’t a good time, and asked him to leave. He returned a short time later with a gun, shooting both of the victims and then himself.

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