August 27, 2011

Knife fight sends two to hospital and one to jail

Key Largo – Deputies responded to Landings of Largo Condominium complex twice in the early morning hours today. On the second visit, two men went to the hospital and one of them went to jail for cutting the other with a knife.

Deputy Vaughn O’Keefe reported responding the first time at 2 a.m. after a man called dispatchers to say he’d been attacked by his friend for an unknown reason. 52 year old Jargal Luvsansharav was highly intoxicated  and had facial injuries when the deputy arrived on the scene. He said he’d been attacked, but the deputy reported it appeared he’d fallen and hit his face on the pavement.

According to witnesses, Luvsansharav had been drinking with a group of friends at one of the condos. Everyone at the gathering denied any fights taking place. They said Luvsansharav left the party at one point, and then returned yelling about his friend, 32 year old Nodirbek Avezov, attacking him. Avezov, who was at the party, denied the accusations and the witnesses also said the alleged attack did not take place. Luvsansharav refused medical treatment and was left in the care of his friends.

About a  half an hour later, Deputy O’Keefe and other officers responded back to the same location. Avezov and another man were restraining Luvsansharav on the floor. Witnesses said Luvsansharav had attacked Avezov with a knife. Avezov had a laceration from the knife on the back of his head. Luvsansharav had injuries consistent with being restrained.

 Both men were taken to Mariner’s Hospital; Avezov received stitches for his injuries and was released. Luvsansharav was taken to jail, charged with aggravated battery.

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