August 13, 2011

Miami teens charged with burglary

Key Largo – Two Miami teens were arrested Friday, charged with breaking a window at a Key Largo business. They told deputies they did it because they “got bored”.

Employees at the Marathon Gas Station at the 98.2 mile marker of the highway got to work at 5 a.m. and discovered a side window had been smashed; suspects also tried to pry the window open, further damaging it. It did not appear anyone actually got inside or stole anything from the business.

Detectives reviewed surveillance footage which showed two young men in a golf cart committing the crime.

Detective Sgt. Dave Carey checked the surrounding area and found a golf cart similar to the one in the video parked at a nearby home; next to the golf cart was a table with a pyramid of beer cans stacked on it.

Deputy Timothy Hunsberger, Sgt. Derek Paul and Detective Barney Sajdak responded to assist. They talked with 17 year old Luis Rodriguez and 17  year old Alejandro Lavandero, who were from Miami and were staying with friends at the residence. They said they were with a group drinking the Thursday night and “got bored”. They said they got into their friend’s golf cart and drove around “looking for places to vandalize”. They said they broke the window with the intention of entering the business and vandalizing it; they said once the window at Marathon Gas shattered, they became afraid and fled the area in the golf cart.

The two teens were arrested and charged with burglary. They were booked at the Monroe County jail.

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