August 13, 2011

Quick thinking dispatcher reports man selling illegal DVDs

Marathon – Deputies arrested a Miami man Friday who was selling bootlegged DVD movies in front of a convenience store on 63rd Street.

Communications Officer Andrea Fricke was on a break from her job as a Sheriff’s Office dispatcher just after 8 p.m. Friday when she stopped at Dion’s Quik Mart. In front of the store was a man dressed in a black shirt, later identified as 29 year old Luis Cazorla.  He opened a case full of DVDs, told her he had all the latest movies and asked if she’d like to take a look.

Bootlegged DVDs being sold by a man in Marathon. Photo courtesy
of Monroe County Deputies Jacek Szymanski and Nicolis Whiteman.
Instead, she returned to work and dispatched Deputies Nicolis Whiteman and Jacek Szymanski to check him out.

When the deputies arrived, they found Cazorla still there; he had a case full o f DVD movies that were still in theaters and that had not yet been officially released on DVD, including:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
Bad Teacher
Captain America
Cars 2
The Smurfs
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
And many more

Cazorla told the deputies he got them from “a friend” and was trying to sell them for $4.00 each for “food money”.  He later admitted to having done this before. He said when he sells the movies in Miami he just hides them when the police show up. He told Deputy Whiteman the movies were made by someone else by using a video camera to film them in a movie theater.

Cazorla was charged with sale of counterfeit items without the consent of the owner or performer. Deputy Whiteman also called the Federal Bureau of Investigation to consult about possible federal charges in the case and was told to call back on Monday, when their office opens, to discuss it further.

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