August 22, 2011

Two arrested for fake credit cards and skimming device

Key Largo – Sheriff’s detectives arrested a Miami couple who tried to use fake credit cards at the Key Largo Radio Shack.

Employees of the store called the Sheriff’s Office at 2 p.m. Sunday after the couple attempted to use two fake cards to purchase an Apple IPad. After the second card was declined, the woman – 22 year old Heidy Balart-Fernandez – went outside and got into a car in the parking lot. The man – 30 year old Luis Arias – offered the store employees $600.00 not to call police. The employees locked the front door in an effort to keep Arias from leaving and then called the Sheriff’s Office.

When deputies arrived, they caught Balart-Fernandez still in the parking lot and Arias still in the store. Detective Robert Dosh responded to investigate. Arias told him he’d purchased the fake cards over the internet for $500.00 each. Arias gave the detective permission to search his vehicle. Ten more cards were found in the car; in the trunk, Detective Dosh found a credit card skimming device used to steal credit card numbers. Arias said he also purchased it over the internet for $450.00.

Arias was charged with ten counts each of purchasing fraudulent credit cards, using counterfeit cards, trafficking in counterfeit cards and one count of use of a scanning device to defraud. Balart-Fernandez was charged with using a fake credit card and  with assisting Arias in his crimes. Both were booked into jail.

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