August 12, 2011

Woman calls deputy to make drug deal

Marathon – A woman is under arrest after she called a Sheriff’s deputy and offered to sell him drugs Thursday.

39 year old Jennifer Knopp called Deputy Christian Galls on his cell phone while he was on duty at the Marathon Substation at 9:15 p.m. She had his cell phone number from a previous case he’d worked involving her. She told him on the phone she “had the stuff he was looking for” and offered him Marijuana for sale, asking him where he’d like to meet.

Deputy Galls told her he’d call her back; he then notified narcotics detectives of the phone call and enlisted their assistance. He called her back and agreed to meet with her at the Marathon Movie Theater.

Deputy Galls and Deputy Paul Bean then went to the movie theater to meet with Knopp. When they approached her vehicle, she tried to drive away; the deputies got into their patrol vehicles and conducted a traffic stop on Knopp, who was driving a beige colored 1999 Chrysler Concord. There was also a male passenger in the car who was later released without charges.

Knopp was carrying a purse which she admitted contained the Marijuana she’d offered to sell to Deputy Galls. When Deputy Galls asked her why she would offer to sell Marijuana to a Deputy Sheriff, she said she was hoping he would help her get away from the man who was in the car with her.  While the deputy was standing with her, he called the number she’d phoned him from; an IPhone in her purse rang and his name and phone number showed on the phone’s screen.

Knopp was arrested. She was charged with possessing 24.5 grams of marijuana. $309.00 in small denomination bills located in her purse hear the marijuana was also seized for possible forfeiture as possible proceeds from drug sales.

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