September 10, 2011

Man arrested for burglary, violation of injunction

Tavernier – A Tavernier man was arrested Friday, charged with breaking in to his ex-girlfriend’s home and with violating a court-ordered injunction she’d obtained to keep him away from her.

The victim obtained the injunction against 53 year old Frank Warden after an incident of domestic violence occurred between them on August 23rd. Warden was served with the injunction on the 25th. The injunction ordered him to stay away from her residence on Arbor Lane in Tavernier and not to have contact with her.

On August 26th, the victim came home, walked in the house and heard the shower running. Thinking it was Warden, she left the house and called the Sheriff’s Office. When Deputy Tim Hunsberger arrived, he went inside. He found her computer had been placed in the shower and water was running on it. He also found all her prescription medications were in the toilet. A note was found in Warden’s handwriting. It said “Good fortune is history”. Good Fortune is the name of the victim’s boat.

A witness was found who lives nearby. He said he saw Warden standing outside the Arbor lane residence earlier. Evidence was found indicating he’d entered by prying open a window. While officers were with the victim, Warden called her phone several times.

Detective Robert Dosh obtained a warrant for Warden’s arrest and on Friday he was taken into custody, charged with burglary, stalking and violating the injunction. He was booked into jail.

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