September 9, 2011

Marathon man dies while snorkeling

Marathon – A Marathon man snorkeling offshore of Marathon Thursday died while in the water.

57 year old Robert Tyson was near Sombrero Lighthouse with his girlfriend, 58 year old Colleen Bartkovich of San Antonio, Texas. She told Deputy Sydney Whitehouse she lost track of him in the water. She said she climbed on board the boat, but couldn’t see him.

As she was looking for him, another boat approached. A man on board, 47 year old James Melley,  told her Tyson had been involved in an incident and was being transported to shore by Seadog Charters. Since she did not know how to operate the boat she was on, Melley got on board with her and drove the boat to shore for her.

Deputy Whitehouse responded to Burdines Waterfront and saw someone on board the boat from Seadog Charters performing CPR on Tyson. Paramedics also arrived and took over his care, transporting him to Fishermen’s Hospital. A doctor at the hospital pronounced Tyson dead and contacted the Medical Examiner’s Office. An autopsy will be done to determine the cause of his death.

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