September 29, 2011

Stock Island man charged with robbery

Stock Island – A Stock Island man is in jail for robbery and knife threats following an incident on September 15th.

The victims, a man and a woman from Stock Island, told Deputy David Cruz they met with 20 year old Robert Morejon on that day, picking him up in their car at McDonald Avenue and 5th Street at about 7:30 p.m. They had agreed to sell him a laptop computer and digital camera for $275.00.

Once he got into the car, Morejon instructed them to take him to 2nd Avenue so he could get the money. When they arrived, he asked for the computer, which they handed to him. As he was getting out of the car, he told them something about “doing him dirty” and said he was taking the computer from them. The woman’s leg was outside the car, and Morejon closed the car door on it, bruising her just below the knee.

She grabbed the computer from Morejon. She said once she had the computer, she told the male victim to drive away. At that point, she said, he pulled a knife and threatened them both with it. As they were driving away, Morejon allegedly ran after the car, trying to stab the male victim, who was driving.

After they drove away from Morejon, Morejon called them and sent them several text messages threatening to beat the male victim the next time he saw him. On each occasion he said if they gave him the computer he’d be satisfied.

During an interview, Morejon said he wanted to give the male victim a “little scare” because while Morejon was in jail recently, the male victim “hit on” his girlfriend. He denied having a weapon during the incident.

A warrant was obtained for Morejon’s arrest. On Wednesday, he was charged with robbery and aggravated assault and he was booked into jail.

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