October 15, 2011

Anonymous tip leads to Marijuana arrest

Photo of Marijuana and cash. Photo is courtesy of Deputy
Chuck Kellenberger.
Marathon -An anonymous tip to the Sheriff’s Office led to the arrest of  a Marathon woman for possessing 6.5 pounds of Marijuana Friday night.

After the tip came in to the Sheriff’s Special Investigations Division, a bulletin was sent out to deputies to look for a 1998 white in color Saturn SL heading south, returning to Marathon. At 7:30 p.m. Deputy Chuck Kellenberger spotted the car on Grassy Key.

He followed it until it turned right onto Coco Plum Drive at the north end of Marathon. He could see through the back window the driver was not wearing her seatbelt, so he pulled her over. 56 year old Lillian Jennen of Marathon was nervous as he spoke with her; her hands were shaking and she was breathing quickly. Deputy Kellenberger could smell the odor of marijuana coming through the car’s open window. As he asked her to get out of the car, Deputy Nicholas Abroe arrived to back him up.

She admitted to the two officers that she had marijuana in the car. She said she bought it in Miami. She said she uses it to treat her Rheumatoid Arthritis.

In the car the deputies found 6.5 pounds of marijuana in brick form. They also found $5,070.00 in cash. Jennen said she had the money in the car because she originally meant to buy more marijuana with it, then changed her mind.

The cash was seized for possible forfeiture, as was the vehicle she was driving. Jennen was charged with possession of a felony amount of marijuana and she was taken to jail.

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