October 15, 2011

Boat stolen from Key Largo marina

Key Largo - A 55 foot boat valued at $800,000.00 was reported stolen Friday from a Key Largo marina.

The owner of the 55 foot Sedan Bridge Sea Ray  is from Miami Beach. According to the dock master at the Marina Del Mar, the vessel, called the “Cynthia Marie” arrived at the marina on Tuesday evening for a stay of five days. She said on Thursday, she saw the boat leaving the marina at around 10 a.m.

When the boat did not return that evening, the dock master tried calling the owner. She finally reached him Friday afternoon. He told her no one had permission to take the boat. He said he’d brought the boat to the Keys intending to spend the weekend with his family.

The missing vessel was entered into FCIC and NCIC computers, and was also  reported stolen to the U.S. Coast Guard and Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as well.

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