October 7, 2011

CIT Training at FKCC

CRISIS INTERVENTION TEAM TRAINING  was  held this week at the Public Safety Building at Florida Keys Community College on Stock Island. This training was fully funded by a Criminal Justice, Mental Health, & Substance Abuse Grant that Monroe County Sheriff’s Office received.

The Grant Program is called the MCSO CARE 4 U Reentry Diversion Program and it was awarded by the Florida Department of Children and Families in November, 2010.

This training targets Officer Safety and how to provide a more effective response to people who are in crisis, have mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders as well as other special needs.

Twenty three people attended from the Sheriff’s Office, Key West Police, Department of Juvenile Justice and Pre-Trial Services. The training facilitator was Michele Sounders, who is the Chairperson of the Florida CIT Coalition and assisted with the development of the Orange County CIT Team.

We are planning a ceremony to recognize all the trained Certified CIT Team members. Each trained member will receive a Florida Keys CIT Team Pin which will help to identify the trained individual to others at work and in the field and to the consumers they are serving.

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