October 15, 2011

Key Largo man arrested for holding flare gun to man’s head

Key Largo - A Key Largo man is under arrest on a number of charges, including aggravated assault for holding a flare gun to a man’s head and pulling the trigger.

The gun failed to fire a flare when 40 year old George Page held it to the 41 year old male victim’s head. The incident took place at the front door of a residence on Bayview Drive in Key Largo at 1 a.m. Friday. Page’s ex-girlfriend lives there and the victim was at the house visiting her. When the gun failed to discharge, the victim pushed Page out the door and closed it. He heard a loud bang outside and then Page fled the area on foot. An examination of the outside of the door showed a large dent in it. It is unknown what Page used to damage it.

The following day, Detective Francisco Gaete was assigned to investigate. On his way to the scene, he spotted Page crossing the street at the 99 mile marker of the highway. He stopped to talk with Page, then detained him in the back of Deputy Kyle Page’s patrol vehicle and Detective Gaete went to Bayview Drive. A female friend of his, Tommie Camp, was also on the scene at the 99 mile marker; a bag Page had been carrying was handed over to Camp for safe keeping.

As the detective was speaking with the victims in the case, Camp walked by the scene. Page’s ex-girlfriend, who was talking to the detective, broke off her conversation and began yelling that Page and Camp had stolen her purse. She said her purse had been in the carport and had been stolen that morning. A check on Page’s bag, which Camp was carrying, turned up a woman’s purse; the purse was positively identified by the victim as the one stolen from her carport.

Page was charged with aggravated assault, criminal mischief, burglary and theft and he was taken to jail.

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