October 9, 2011

Local business owner arrested for not having secondhand dealer’s license

Islamorada – The owner of a jewelry store in Islamorada was arrested Friday, accused of holding previously owned jewelry on consignment without having a Secondhand Dealer’s License with the State of Florida.

Detective Patrick Crozier responded to Coin of the Realm jewelry store to investigate a report that a check written by the owner, 51 year old Jeffery Halliday, had bounced. He’d written the check to 61 year old Samuel Gibbons, who said he’d placed 21 items of jewelry worth $7,000.00 with Halliday on consignment.

Halliday was involved in a similar case in July of 2010; according to Detective Crozier, part of a pretrial agreement in that case required Halliday to obtain a Secondhand Dealer’s License. During the course of this current investigation, Halliday admitted he had not done so.

Halliday was arrested and charged with engaging in purchasing and consigning second hand goods without a license to do so. He was booked into jail.

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