October 27, 2011

Man dies snorkeling offshore of Key West

A man visiting South Florida from Nova Scotia, Canada died while snorkeling offshore of Key West Wednesday.

43 year old Daniel Yiu Sun Ting was staying at a hotel in Miami Beach and had taken a day trip to Key West on a tour bus. Detective Manny Cuervo said Ting was traveling alone. Ting took a snorkeling trip on board one of the Sebago charter boats to the Eastern Dry Rocks. According to employees on the boat, he was in the water with snorkeling gear, wearing a floatation device and carrying a Styrofoam “noodle”. He was snorkeling in about 18 feet of water at around 2 p.m.

They said they saw him in the water and he was fine; just a few minutes later, they noticed the “noodle” floating away and saw him floating on the water, not moving. When they pulled him into the boat, he was not breathing.

They started Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and called the U.S. Coast Guard. The Coast Guard responded and picked the victim up, bringing him to the docks where they were met by paramedics. Ting was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy will be done to determine the cause of his death.

Detective Cuervo said Ting has no family in the United States or in Canada. Detective Cuervo was able to locate family members in Hong Kong and they were notified of Ting’s death.

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