October 26, 2011

Man turns himself in for bank robbery

Photo from surveillance cameras at the bank, robbed in 2007.

A man who lives in Louisville, Kentucky called Sheriff’s detectives yesterday, said he’d robbed a bank in the Keys in 2007 and wanted to turn himself in.

Major Crimes Detective Mark Coleman was sitting at his desk in the Special Operations Division Tuesday when he received a call from 52 year old Michael Mitchell.  Mitchell told him he’d committed a bank robbery at a TIB Bank in the Keys in 2007. As Detective Coleman talked with him, Mitchell began to give him detailed information about the crime – information only he, the witnesses and the detectives would know.

The robbery he said he committed took place on August 21st at the TIB Bank at the 92 mile marker of Highway U.S. One. The suspect entered the bank, handed the teller a note and demanded cash. In the note, he claimed to have a bomb. In his hand, he had a small box with wire protruding from it. The teller handed over cash and he walked out of the bank, taking the device with him.

Mitchell told Detective Coleman he constructed the fake device out of a cell phone, wire, batteries and black electrical tape. He said he originally was going to rob Bank of America, but decided there were too many windows on the building which might interfere with the robbery so he decided to rob TIB instead.

Detective Coleman contacted authorities in Louisville who met with Mitchell. He then contacted the State Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and made them aware of what was happening. A warrant was obtained for Mitchell’s arrest and he was taken into custody in Kentucky. He will be brought back to Monroe County to face charges of bank robbery and grand theft.

Mitchell is not the first person arrested for this bank robbery. Shortly after the crime occurred, detectives received information identifying the alleged robber and a suspect was arrested in Puerto Rico and was later brought back to the United States. Further information eliminated him as a suspect, however, and he was released and the charges against him were dropped.

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  1. What about the poor man who was arrested for the crime who wasn't even in the United States when it was committed ??