October 25, 2011

Marathon man charged with killing dog

Marathon – A Marathon man was arrested Saturday, charged with brutally killing a dog.

On September 28th, Deputy Trevor Wirth and Sgt. Ken Fricke responded to 15th Street to a report of an “animal incident”. When they arrived, they found 57 year old Marino Sanchez standing over  brown dog; the dog was dead and appeared to have suffered severe trauma to the head.

Subsequent examination of the body and the scene indicated the dog had been repeatedly struck where it lay, not struck by a vehicle. A veterinarian’s examination of the body revealed “multiple superficial wounds consistent with trauma; a dislocated jaw, bleeding around the brain, damage to the right front aspect of the brain and a broken pelvis.” The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.

The dog’s name was “Duede”; he belonged to a man named Ariel Lopez. Lopez told Deputy Wirth the dog was a month and a half old, and he’d left the dog in the care of his uncle, who lives in Trailerama Trailer Park. The uncle, when questioned, said he’d last seen the dog five days before. He said he’d come home from work and had seen Sanchez holding Duede on a leash. When he confronted Sanchez, Sanchez told him Lopez had given him the dog. Lopez denied giving anyone except his uncle permission to care for Duede.

Deputy Wirth also spoke with the man who reported the dead dog, John Darbie, who said the previous Saturday he’d seen Sanchez pick up a brown puppy that looked like Duede and slam it to the ground. He said on September 28th he then saw Marino standing over the same dog’s body, so he called the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Wirth obtained a warrant for Sanchez’ arrest. On Saturday, he was arrested on the warrant and charged with theft and cruelty to animals: causing a death of an animal. He was booked into jail.

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