November 8, 2011

Baby cut with knife in fight over bread

Marathon – A baby was cut with a knife as one woman attacked another in a fight over two slices of bread.

Deputies responded to an apartment on 23rd Street at 7:20 p.m. Monday to reports a baby had been injured with a  knife during a fight. The baby had a minor injury on her head and was treated on the scene by paramedics.

Multiple witnesses to the incident told Deputy Anthony O’Dea the suspect was 18 year old Kenneshia Thurman, their next door neighbor. She was no longer on the scene and was found at a convenience store nearby and was taken into custody by Deputy Nicholas Abroe.

According to the witnesses, Thurman knocked on the door of the apartment and asked for two slices of bread. When 26 year old Justin Rodgers, who lives in the apartment, and 29 year old Desanta Carey of Key West refused to give her the bread, she  became angry. They tried to close the apartment door, but at first she held it open. Eventually, they were able to close the door leaving the suspect outside.

Thurman reportedly walked back to her apartment and got a knife. She returned to Rodgers apartment, forcing her way in and attempting to stab Carey with the knife. Carey was holding her two month old child at the time and Thurman struck the child in the head with the knife instead of stabbing Carey with it, causing a small cut to the child’s forehead.

Several witnesses were in the apartment at the time and corroborated the victim’s stories. In addition, Thurman admitted to Deputy Abroe that she accidentally cut the child while trying to stab Carey.

Thurman was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, burglary and violation of probation. She was booked into jail

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