November 17, 2011

Deputy finds man with fake gun and ski mask

Key Largo – A deputy on routine patrol spotted a truck towing a trailer in the early morning hours Monday. The driver was arrested after he was found to have a suspended license, as well as suspicious items with him, and no reasonable explanation about why he was there or what he was doing.

52 year old Scott Woolsoncroft had no valid driver’s license when he was checked out by Deputy Vaughn O’Keefe at 12:45 a.m. His Tennessee license was revoked. Later checks into his history revealed he was a criminal offender in multiple states, including Colorado, New York, Nevada and Florida with charges including burglary, fraud and DUI.

Deputy O’Keefe noticed the orange truck pulling a U-Haul trailer at Ocean Bay Drive and Bahama Avenue. The truck pulled to the side of the road, so the deputy pulled up behind it. As the deputy spoke with Woolsoncroft, asking for identification, he also asked what Woolsoncroft was doing in the area. Woolsoncroft could  produce no valid driver’s license and said he was going to see a friend. He could not name the friend, however, nor could he say where the friend lived.

Woolsoncroft gave the deputy permission to search himself and his truck. Sgt. Jason Madnick arrived as back up officer.

In the truck, Deputy O’Keefe found a plastic toy handgun hidden underneath the dashboard; the orange tip had been removed. A black face mask was also found in a bag in the bed of the truck, along with a hatchet and a credit card in a woman’s name.

Woolsoncroft told the deputy the fake gun and mask belonged to “a friend”. He said the friend had used the items to commit robberies in the Nashville area. He said the card belonged to an ex-girlfriend who’d given it to him to purchase gasoline.

Woolsoncroft was arrested and charged with driving with his license suspended and loitering and prowling. Investigations into his activities are continuing.

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