November 7, 2011

Man arrested for holding wife against her will

Key Largo – A  Key Largo man is under arrest, charged with holding his wife against her will and with keeping her from calling law enforcement when she wanted to.

Deputy Vaughn O’Keefe responded to Jean La Fitte Drive in Key Largo at 9 p.m. Sunday after the 44 year old victim called to report the domestic dispute with her husband, 50 year old Richard Holt. She told the deputy she and her husband are getting a divorce, but still live in their home together with their three children, aged 14, 15 and 17. She said Sunday night the two of them began arguing.

She said she threatened to call law enforcement during the argument. In response, her husband took her cell phone and stopped her from using he house phone. When she tried to leave the house, he locked the door and would not let her out. When she finally got out of the house and headed for her car, she said he stopped her from driving away, first by grabbing her and holding her on the ground, then by standing in front of the car so she could not leave. At one point, she said he involved the children in the argument, asking them to tell her not to call law enforcement.

Finally, she said she was able to go to a neighbor’s house and call the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy O’Keefe arrested Holt, charging him with domestic battery, false imprisonment and tampering with a witness. He was booked into jail.

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