November 27, 2011

Marathon man charged with using stolen credit card

Marathon – A Marathon man who tried to use a stolen credit card at the Winn Dixie store in Marathon Saturday afternoon was arrested.

The victim told deputies he’d been at Sombrero Beach that afternoon and his vehicle was burglarized. He said he had several credit cards stolen. He said he reported the cards stolen to the credit card company. He was told they had been used several places in town prior to him reporting them stolen.

According to reports by Deputy Chuck Kellenberger, one of the places the cards were used was Winn Dixie. At that store, suspect 36 year old Jose Ortiz and two women  tried to purchase over $700.00 worth of merchandise. Ortiz swiped the card and it was declined; as he was attempting to pay, the women took the shopping cart full of items out to the parking lot. Once the card was declined, the cashier and another employee went out to the parking lot to retrieve the merchandise.

They got most of the items back from the suspect and the two women with him, although several items remain missing. They then called the Sheriff’s Office to report the incident, giving deputies a description of the truck the suspect was driving.

Deputies found the truck at Publix in Marathon a short time later. Ortiz and the two women were in the truck. Ortiz denied using a stolen card, instead saying he tried to use two of his own cards which were declined. One of the women admitted they had all  been at Sombrero beach that afternoon, although when Ortiz was questioned, he said they’d all been on the boat that afternoon.

No credit cards were recovered, but Ortiz was positively identified by the Winn Dixie cashier as the man who used the stolen credit cards. Ortiz was arrested, charged with theft and fraudulent use of a credit card and he was booked into jail.

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