November 22, 2011

Naples man arrested for shooting kitten

Tavernier – A 68 year old Naples man was arrested Monday night, charged with shooting and killing a kitten with an Airsoft rifle.

A witness staying at Ocean Pointe Condos saw the incident at about 7 p.m. He said he was watching a mother cat and two kittens about four to five weeks old below his balcony when he heard a “pop” then saw one black and white kitten begin shaking and twitching, then saw it die. He said he looked to the side and saw the barrel of some sort of gun protruding over the edge of a nearby balcony. He called security, and the Sheriff’s Office was notified.

Deputies Tony Conde and James Warino confronted the man who was staying in the condo where the gun was seen. At first, 68 year old Kenneth Ellis denied shooting the cat. After further questioning, he finally admitted to shooting the animal. The Airsoft rifle with a scope attached was found in the condo as well.

Ellis was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals and he was taken to jail.

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