November 3, 2011

Restaurant Employee charged with embezzling

Key West – A Key West man has been charged with embezzling a large amount of money from the Conch Flyer Restaurant at the Key West Airport.

On September 26th, the owner of the restaurant called the Sheriff’s Office to report he suspected one of his employees had been stealing money from him since January of 2010. The case was assigned to Detective Donald Catala to investigate.

Examination of the restaurant’s records showed over $165,000.00 missing during that time period. The bookkeeper for the restaurant began to notice the discrepancies in restaurant deposits when the company began using a new computer program to track earnings and expenses, in July. According to the owner, only three people besides himself has keys to the Conch Flyer office and, thus, access to the cash deposits. The bookkeeper and her husband who have both worked for the company since 1994 and 42 year old David Imbaro, who worked there since November of 2009.

In a detailed examination of the monthly earnings and expenses, they discovered money missing consistently except during one time period – during August of 2011. On the dates that  Imbaro was on vacation, no money went missing. Further investigation by Detective Catala revealed Imbaro was arrested on drug charges in May of 2011; during the arrest by Key West Police, $40,000.00 in cash was found in a safe at his house. At the time, he claimed the money was from the sale of a  bar he owned in Miami. Investigation revealed Imbaro never owned a bar in Miami.

Imbaro was arrested Wednesday and charged with grand theft. He was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center. Bond is set at $150,000.00.

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