November 22, 2011

Two charged with wrung, undersized lobster

Craig Key – A deputy on patrol at the Channel Two Bridge Monday morning arrested two men for possessing short lobster, and illegally wrung lobster tails.

Deputy Sydney Whitehouse saw the two men snorkeling near the south end of the bridge at 8:30 a.m. When he asked them to exit the water, they both dropped their spear guns and something else he could not see well into the water.

The deputy told the two men to retrieve what they dropped; they got their spear guns, but nothing else. Deputy Whitehouse could see what looked like wrung lobster tails in the water, so he called for assistance and Marine Deputy Mike Cofield responded by water on his patrol boat. Deputy Cofield went into the water and retrieved six wrung lobster tails, one of which was obviously illegally small.

The two men were identified as 34 year old Dixan Diaz Torres of Cape Coral, Florida and 24 year old Yasmany Quesada Montero of Cutler Bay, Florida. They were both issued citations for possession of wrung lobster tails, possession of an undersized lobster tail, spear fishing in an area which does not allow it, having no measuring device and displaying no dive flag. They were booked into jail.

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