December 23, 2011

Bond agent arrested for paying inmates to solicit bonds

A bonds agent has been arrested, charged with five counts of illegally soliciting bonds using inmates in Monroe County jail facilities.

According to an investigation by Detective Francisco Gaete, 50 year old Jacqueline Canela used inmates to solicit bonds from other inmates. In return, she offered to reduce the amounts they had to pay her for their own bonds; in some cases she offered to pay the inmates money, either into their canteen accounts at the jail, or to a family member. Detective Gaete began investigating the case in November after another bonding agent reported the illegal activity. He told the detective a long-time client of his was being paid to solicit bonds for Dondee Bail Bonds out of Homestead, Florida.

Detective Gaete began looking into the accusations, pulling a number of audio recordings from the jail’s phone system. He found a large number of conversations between Canela and various inmates which confirmed the illegal activity was taking place.

During the course of his investigation, he also found a conversation between 22 year old Gyselle Venero and an inmate at the detention center. During the phone call, Venero claims to be a bond agent and claims to work for Dondee Bail Bonds; she tells the inmate she will pay her if she solicits bonds for her inside the jail. Further investigation revealed Venero is not a licensed bond agent and is not registered to write bonds for Dondee Bail Bonds.

Today, Miami Dade Police picked up Canela at her Miami home and booked her on an outstanding warrant for five counts of using inmates to solicit bonds; detectives say they have not been able to locate Venero, who is currently wanted on one count of acting as a bond agent without a license.

The investigation into the case is continuing and more arrests may be pending.

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