December 8, 2011

California man arrested for fraudulent charges on credit card, cell phone

A California man who used to live and work in the Keys is in jail in Monroe County, accused of using the credit card belonging to his former employer to make purchases; he also used the business’s cellular phone account without permission, racking up over a thousand dollars worth of charges.

In December of 2010, the owner of Florida Keys Party Rentals called to report someone had used his business credit card to charge merchandise from without his permission. When Detectives contacted, they were given the email address used to make the charges and the address the items were shipped to. The address came back to the sister of 26 year old David Acerra, and the address came back to a previous address of his; an address where his ex-wife and child still live in Beverly Hills, California.

Acerra’s sister said she did not give her brother permission to use her email address. She said she received an email confirmation of the purchase and confronted him about it. He admitted to fraudulently using the credit card. She told detectives he had the credit card information because both she and Acerra had worked for the company.

In February of 2011, while the credit card investigation was still going on, the business manager discovered the same email address had been used to change the business’s Verizon Wireless account on line. Investigations revealed Acerra had changed the email address so the business would no longer receive their billing statements, then had charged goods and services totaling over $1,000.00 to the account without permission between February 2010 and February of 2011.

Warrants were issued for Acerra for two counts of grand theft and fraudulent use of a credit card. On Wednesday, he was returned to the Keys from California to face the charges.

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