December 6, 2011

CART team members attend training

Ten members of Monroe County’s Child Abduction Response team (CART) attended a four day training in Miami recently. Members included Victim Advocate Debbie Shepherd and Detective’s Dan Mehler and Manny Cuervo. From Islamorada Fire K9 Search and Rescue, Dr. Glade, Lt. Abel, Jason Mumper, Adam Geaneas and Miriam Barkus. Mike McKay from DEP and Stacie Swain from DCF.

The class included a candle light vigil for missing and abducted children. The candle light vigil was attended by families of missing and abducted children from all over the country.

Monroe County’s CART team is one of only 17 teams that is nationally certified. They have conducted two mock exercises in the past three years. Along with the unconditional support of Sgt. Linda Mixon, members of the CART have attended some of the best training available.

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