December 1, 2011

Confrontation with gun leads to arrest

Marathon – A confrontation between two men this morning involving a gun led to the arrest of the gun-wielding suspect for aggravated assault.

The suspect, ****information sealed by the courts***** of Hollywood, Florida, reportedly pulled up to the fuel dock on Oceanview Avenue at 5:19 a.m. in his pickup truck with two other men. The victims, 47 year old Luis Rodriguez and 19 year old Andrew Morales of Marathon, were already there getting ready to go out on a boat.

 ****information sealed by the courts***** allegedly confronted Rodriguez, telling him they had “unfinished business”. Rodriguez, who told Deputy Joshua Brady he felt threatened by the three men, said he picked up a wooden stick and a tire iron to defend himself if necessary. At that point, Morales stepped between the two men in an attempt to stop the confrontation.

 ****information sealed by the courts***** then reportedly got into his truck and drove a short distance away. He returned on foot carrying a handgun. He pointed it at Rodriguez and threatened to shoot him. Morales again intervened, stepping between the two men. Rodriguez ran away from the scene, yelling that he was going to call the Sheriff’s Office for assistance.

According to  ****information sealed by the courts*****, the confrontation was sparked when Rodriguez pulled up next to him at a traffic light and began to yell at him and threaten him.  ****information sealed by the courts***** said he then followed Rodriguez to the docks to confront him about it.

After interviewing all the witnesses at the scene to determine what happened, Deputy Brady arrested  ****information sealed by the courts*****, charging him with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and improper exhibition of a firearm. The gun was seized along with  ****information sealed by the courts***** concealed weapon permit. He was taken to jail.

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