December 12, 2011

Detectives working to find owners of stolen property

Sheriff’s detectives say they are trying to find the owners of property recovered during the investigation of automobile burglaries in the upper Keys.

On December 6th, 39 year old Jason Seeger of Key Largo was arrested after he was caught trying to sell a power saw he had stolen from a vehicle on Plante Street in Key Largo. In his car, detectives found a large amount of stolen property. Subsequent investigations revealed Seeger had burglarized a number of vehicles parked unlocked on the streets of Key Largo. He has been charged with at least eight vehicle burglaries so far with more charges possibly pending. Much of the stolen property has been returned to the owners of those cars.

During the course of the investigation, though, detectives say they found property in his possession that did not come from any burglaries reported to the Sheriff’s Office. In addition, Seeger told detectives he’d committed an estimated 30 burglaries during his crime spree.

“We believe there are quite a few victims out there whose vehicles were burglarized who have not reported it,” said Captain Don Fanelli. “We need those people to come forward so we can return their property to them,” he said.

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