December 4, 2011

Key Largo man arrested after domestic incident

Key Largo – A Key Largo man who beat and kicked his live-in girlfriend was stabbed in the foot as she defended herself; he was also arrested and taken to jail.

A neighbor who lives in the vicinity of Kay Drive and Avenue A called the Sheriff’s Office at 2 a.m. today to report two people fighting in the street. He told responding Deputy Vaughn O’Keefe the man knocked the woman to the ground and was kicking and “stomping” her. He said he saw her grab her cell phone to call for help, and saw the man smash the phone on the ground.

When Deputy O’Keefe arrived, along with Deputies Brian Cross and Pedro Garcia, the couple was gone, but as he began driving around looking for them, he found them near Avenue A and Village Drive. He saw the man throw the woman to the ground and heard her screaming.

As he accelerated toward them, both people ran into a house at 27 Avenue A. He knocked on the door of the residence and announced himself. A woman – the victim – answered the door.

She told Deputy O’Keefe she and her boyfriend,  31 year old Jesus Galindo, had been fighting. She said she went outside because she has three young children and didn’t want to fight in front of them. She said at one point she was able to run back into the house and grab a steak knife which she used to defend herself. She said she tried to call for help twice, but Galindo smashed the first phone and removed the battery from the second phone, telling her she could not call anyone for help.

She said at one point, Galindo was hitting and kicking her and she pulled out the steak knife. She said he tried to kick it out of her hand and the knife went through his foot.

Galindo was found in the residence with the knife blade still all the way through his right foot. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injury, then was booked into jail for domestic battery and two counts of depriving the victim of the ability to call 911.

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