December 8, 2011

Key Largo man caught with stolen property

Key Largo – A Key Largo man was arrested Tuesday afternoon after he was found to have a large amount of stolen property in his vehicle.

Deputies were dispatched to a business in Tavernier after someone reported a suspicious person in the area. When they arrived, 39 year old Jason Seeger was just returning to his car. The owner of the business told deputies Seeger had just tried to sell him a concrete saw. An employee of the business said he saw Seeger trying to clean some lettering off of the saw before trying to sell it and thought it was suspicious, so he called the Sheriff’s Office.

In Seeger’s car, deputies found a large amount of property, including power tools, snorkeling gear, a computer, cash and other tools. The property was traced back to four vehicle burglaries which had been reported that same day. The burglaries took place on Plante Street, 4 Road and Island Drive in Key Largo. The concrete saw Seeger had been trying to sell came from a vehicle on Plante Street.

Seeger told deputies he got the property from someone named “Joe”, but couldn’t provide “Joe’s” last name, where he lives or his phone number.

Also in Seeger’s possession was a prescription bottle with 61 Oxycodone pills inside. He had taken the prescription from his female roommate. She told deputies she did not give him permission to take the pills. A Sunpass transponder was found in the car which was traced back to a Key Largo woman. When deputies contacted her, she told them her car had been burglarized recently and her Sunpass was the only thing stolen.

Seeger was arrested. He was charged with two counts of theft, dealing in stolen property, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and with burglary. More charges are pending as detectives match property with burglary reports and trace the stolen property to the owners.

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