December 26, 2011

Man arrested after firefighters report shots fired

Key Largo – A Key largo man was arrested after firefighters reported he was shooting at them on Christmas Eve.

Firefighters responded to reports of an illegal fire on Coral Way. When they arrived, they found the fire still smoldering. As they were investigating the circumstances, they suddenly radioed Sheriff’s dispatchers that the homeowner was shooting at them. They said he was reloading his gun and coming after them and they needed assistance.

In later interviews with firefighters, they told deputies the homeowner, 29 year old John Ferraro, was extremely belligerent to them; he began cursing at them; he told them when he found out who reported the fire he was going to drag them through the fire and kill them.  They said at one point he went into his house, and because of his demeanor, the firefighters decided to get behind their fire truck as a protective measure. One of them reported seeing Ferraro run from his house carrying what looked like a shotgun or rifle.  It was at that point they heard three loud bangs which sounded to them like gunfire.

Deputy Tony Conde was first on the scene. He approached the house cautiously, carrying his patrol rifle. Ferraro’s wife came out of the house, followed by Ferraro who began yelling and cursing at the deputy, challenging him to put down the gun and “fight like a man.” He was ordered to the ground and refused to comply, continuing to yell challenges at Deputy Conde.

Ferraro turned around and began to walk away, putting his hand in his shorts pocket. At that point, the deputy used his Taser to gain compliance.

Ferraro continued his refusals to comply with the deputies orders. He was tased two more times before he could be taken safely into custody.

Further investigations revealed Ferraro did not have a gun; he had actually grabbed a pipe, pointed it at the firefighters and then had hit several objects with it, making the loud banging noise.

He was arrested, charged with resisting arrest and he was taken to jail.

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