December 27, 2011

Man arrested for cutting another man’s neck during fight

Key Largo – One man is in jail and the other one was treated at Mariner’s Hospital after a fight on board a boat moored offshore of Key Largo Monday night.

The 32 year old victim, Peter Molo of West Palm Beach, told Deputies Vaughn O’Keefe and Julie Smith his girlfriend dropped him off at about 8 p.m. at Mandalay Marina  Restaurant after they got into an argument. He was in the bar when he met the suspect, 49 year old Scott Brady. Brady reportedly asked him back to the boat he lives on, which is moored just  offshore.

Once on the boat, the two men continued drinking. They got into an argument. The victim said Brady made sexual advances toward him which he rejected; he said Brady then became angry and cut his throat with a knife. Brady told deputies the victim became enraged for an unknown reason and tried to choke him, so he grabbed a knife and cut him with it.

After the fight, Brady got into his dinghy with his dog and returned to shore. At the Mandalay Marina restaurant, he told the restaurant manager he’d cut the victim during a fight. The manager called the Sheriff’s Office at 9:20 p.m. for assistance.

Marina staff assisted deputies in going out to the boat to check on the victim; they brought him back to shore where he was taken by paramedics to Mariner’s Hospital to be treated for a cut on his neck. Brady was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. His dog was taken to the Key Largo Animal Shelter for care while the owner is in jail.

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